The Southern United States is haunted by its past of violence, slavery and misogyny used to maintain power by its elite ruling class.  It is into this uncomfortable past that Robert Bryson and Cardinál were born.  Born with all the privileges affordable (white, educated and employed) Bryson ironically found himself battling depression, isolation and even suicide.  Despite this, he has pushed forward to deliver his most honest and powerful work yet.  Why? Because his life matters and so does yours.

“It’s important to remember that your life matters - no matter what anyone else says.  I’ve had people tell me that mine doesn’t, and they’ve tried to tell me that my music doesn’t matter.  I forgave those people and moved on. Forgiveness has been very crucial for me moving forward. If we can forgive others then there is the hope that we can be forgiven by others.  In a world where nothing is permanent, where death and despair Are around every corner and peace is as rare as gold what could be more valuable than forgiveness and love?”

Different Skies will be available Spring 2019.